New Music released by Poison Sky!

The first of four new songs is available now for streaming and download on all the major services. This track is nine months in the making. It’s our favorite yet. It’s also the first song released in lossless, high definition audio on Amazon, Apple Music, Tidal and Beatport!

About the song: “Know Yourself” is a trip-hop inspired track that is nine months in the making. It was mixed and mastered by our newest member: Hawk. Have a listen, preferably in car or headphones, and add it to your playlists if you do indeed like it. That helps us a lot because it increases visibility on the streaming services.

Our vocalist, Ducky, wrote the lyrics and they illustrate how music helps us us build identity throughout our lives, connecting us to our selves and our chosen community.

Follow the links below to get access to the song.

Poison Sky members are:

• Alison “Ducky” Maupin on vocals

• Hawk on production using Logic Pro & the PreSonus DAW: Studio One

  • Athonia on keyboards, Native Instruments MASCHINE+ & Logic Pro X

Smash that heart button now on your streaming service to add it to your summer streams TODAY. 

Note: a club remix of this song will be released later this month for our DJ friends.


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